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Every revolution begins with a spark.

Jennifer Lawrence Spends Easter in NYC Before ‘GMA’ Appearance

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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013) 

and the end is here.

and the end is here.

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Congratulations to Catching Fire!


We are all Josh Hutcherson


The many reasons to love Sam Claflin.

But why would MTV want to sabotage her in the fort place?


Who? Katniss? Lol, because this. They had to create an entire new category because of that and it pissed them off. Instead of owning up and admitting that they were wrong and sexist to not add her when she is currently the most influential character of all time and by far the biggest hero heroine above the other nominees, they created a new category and basically said our efforts were shit anyway by making Katniss lose at the last minute and extending the voting period to ensure she lost. They basically sat back and laughed when they added the “favorite character” category (which was a slap in the face anyway) and adding Tris. Tris jumped to a substantial amount of votes out of nowhere right before the awards and right before voting ended? Katniss was ahead by 200,000 votes prior…sounds a lot like bullshit to me.. especially when she was ahead at the announced voting closure….they saw she was winning and, against their own rules which was clearly stated on the MTV website, extended the voting period so she would lose. Catching Fire is the highest grossing film ever in the United States and also nearly pulled in a BILLION dollars at the box office and broke numerous records including beating Pirates of the Caribbean and the fucking Lion King for God’s sake. Divergent producers are praying to just pull in a fraction of what Catching Fire made. Yet………….Katniss isn’t the favorite character? Okay. Sounds a lot like shit to me.

@MTV’s Katniss dog captured the spirit of the Girl on Fire!

@MTV’s Katniss dog captured the spirit of the Girl on Fire!

Jennifer Lawrence has won “Best Female Performance” for her role in Catching Fire at the MTV Movie Awards!  





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awww congratulations shailene you won a rigged mtv award jennifer will just have to wipe her tears with golden globes


and an oscar

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