As requested, my request drawings have been made rebloggable, but I’m going to group a bunch of them together so I don’t spam up your feeds and my own tumblr. 

This batch is all Peeta and Katniss, as requested by:

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Right now I’m just a big fan of windows. I stand at my window at my hotel in Montreal. Like it will be hours. It’s the only time I can look at big groups of people, and they’re not looking at me.

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I have to say that age is treating Josh Hutcherson pretty damn swell

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Ravenclaw, House Stark, Sherlocked, doppleheaded Pegasister from District 10, current resident of Downton Abbey in Bad Wolf Bay.”

tried to get all my fandoms in there.

hope it worked.

edit: fuck how do I mention supernatural tho

why do people always seem to think that Districts directly border one another.

It takes time to travel to and from each district.

I feel like there were spaces of the Wilds to act as a buffer between each district. You know, to deter traveling between districts, communication between districts, and the Capitol’s physical message of preventing the districts to be unified even by a border. 


People always think that the Districts of Panem are huge and while some may be big, District 12 isn’t. There’s one town square for god sakes! It’s not the size of two states! They don’t even have cars! It’d be like a three days journey to the town square if you lived in the outer region.


Just check your logic at the door.

Johanna Mason. Definitely.


You just made my day, nay, YEAR, nay, LIFE.

Seriously. I’m so happy someone thinks I’m awesome enough to remind them of Johanna Mason aka the most badass bitch with a heart of gold.

Bless you, anon. Bless you.

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I love your tumblr but you dont follow me. It makes me feel like you think youre better than everybody.

Oh lawd.

For the billionth time I can’t follow anyone on this tumblr.

Let me break it down for you:

  • I made a tumblr back in August 2010 with the url, “pcaradactyl”
  • I started drowning it in The Hunger Games
  • I created a sideblog with the url “mockingjaysandbullshit” in early April 2011.
  • Because it is a sideblog I cannot follow people on it. Like. I’m unable to. There’s no way for me to follow people on it.
  • So since pcaradactyl is my main account I follow people on that. That’s the name you’ll find if I respond to your post or ask you a question or am following you.

Another useful tip:

If you see that “pcaradactyl” has started following you and that you’re a Hunger Games tumblr and that you wish to follow back, but for posts about The Hunger Games DON’T FOLLOW ME ON MY PERSONAL THEN.

So many THG tumblrs will follow back on pcaradactyl and then unfollow me within a couple hours because I don’t post THG stuff on there BECAUSE I HAVE A WHOLE OTHER TUMBLR DEVOTED TO IT.

So if you want Hunger Games stuff follow me on here. Not pcaradactyl.

and I’m not like an elitist when it comes to following people either.

I follow 1,087 blogs. Okay?

Yes that’s a lot, but they’re blogs devoted to all different interests of mine. Not just The Hunger Games.

I just like. UGH. I hate this topic so much.

I probably follow you through “pcaradactyl”.

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I felt too pathetic about eating alone, so in a moment of panic I told the hostess “a table for two please, my friend is coming later.”
But I just realized that the only thing more pathetic than eating alone in a restaurant is being stood up by your imaginary friend.
*insert forever alone face here*